The inner space-interior is the space where people live and work, where they spend their main time of life. Each part of space is equally important and noteworthy. Every part must be functionally useful and comfortable at the same time. As the inner space divides into common and private zones. The goal of the architect is to find the ideal balance between them. This has to be expressed in the proper planning and zoning. Only After that with form action takes the material, color, texture, and many other details, which allows us to create a unique, individual and aesthetically beautiful environment in your apartment, house, office, or other functional loaded space.


  • Design (3D visualization)

  • Measurement of existing space

  • Dismantling plan of walls (if necessary)

  • Partition installation plan

  • Zoning (spatial planning solution) with designated layout of furniture

  • Plan: cuts (in case of differences between levels)

  • Plan: Floor

  • Plan: ceiling

  • Wallets (in case of differences in levels)

  • Lighting system deployment plan (with checkers)

  • Lighting scheme in relation with furniture

  • Scheme of placement of switchers

  • Internal water supply scheme

  • Scheme of heating system

  • Internal electrical power scheme

  • Water supply scheme

  • Scheme of heating system

  • Explaining the doors and windows

  • Exploring the walls

  • Special nodes drawings (according to rooms)

  • Cutting of the walls (according to the rooms)

  • Materials selection (according to rooms)

  • Project supervision *