ARCHITECTUREis an art of project planning and space organization. It is connected with design and construction of buildings. Taking into consideration modern technological capabilities and aesthetic needs of the society, it creates a materially organized environment that a person requires to live and work in.
Architecture as a field of art includes spiritual culture. Because of it’s created by the human hand, it plays an important role in the development of the society and human. With the artistic figuring displays a worldview of the society and aesthetically forms the human environment.

Our services

  • Explanatory Note

  • Situational plan (aerial photography)

  • General Plan

  • Schedule of drawing

  • Floating plans

  • Roof Plan

  • Gates

  • Explanation of doors and windows

  • Visualization of facades (with reference to materials)

  • Perspective views

  • Photo-montage

  • Constructive drawings

  • Internal water supply scheme

  • Scheme of heating system

  • Scheme of internal electric wiring

  • Material selection

  • Project supervision *